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Do I need ID for ESDR events? ID is required for all ESDR events. We cannot allow you to enter the venue without legal identification.

Which venues do ESDR use? ESDR events take place in various venues, depending on the requirements of the show and the demand for tickets. If ticket demand is high, the event may be moved to a larger venue. Ticket holders will be informed by email.

Are ESDR events accessible for audiences with disabilities? ESDR events take place across many venues and cities. Please check access details directly with the listed venue for your show. Our events tend to be busy and loud; there may be bright flashing lights and smoke. Audiences are usually required to stand for the duration of the show. If you have any questions about accessibility or if no venue is listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is a photo ticket? Photo tickets allow you a brief moment with the artist and a professional photo, taken by our photographer. This usually happens after the show. Some venues call this a "meet and greet" ticket.

What is a QJUMP ticket QJUMP photo tickets allow you to skip the entry line to the venue, and to be one of the first 20 people in the queue for your photo.

I can't find my ticket, what should I do? Please contact the vendor you purchased your ticket from. ESDR outsources ticketing to various sites depending on the location of the show.

Can I perform at ESDR? ESDR host the best drag talent from the UK and beyond. We are open to receiving proposals from high quality contemporary drag acts. If you'd like to perform, please send a description of the act and a video to our inbox.